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Olfa 13 pt Break Off Knife Auto Loader
$ 9.99 WHEN YOU BUY 6 OR MORE KNIVES Only $8.99

Olfa 13 pt Break Off Knife Auto Loader  

#PA2 Holds up to 5 blades (65 points)
The new Expert Series Pro-Load Multi-Blade Cutter. OLFA understands that time is important on the jobsite and is committed to the development of products that work for you. That's why the Pro-Load can hold up to five blades at a time, giving you 65 new cutting segments per load. In addition, exclusive Ultra-Max blades are packed inside so you not only get superior performance in the sleek, comfortable handle, but also maximum cutting performance. OLFA cutters are guaranteed forever. OLFA - when every cut is important!


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