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Rotortex Texture Sprayer Outfit Sprays Stucco!
$ 3099.00

Rotortex Texture Sprayer Outfit Sprays Stucco!  

#B19225 Sprays most texture materials - Free Shipping
Will Spray A Variety Of Materials Such As: Smooth To Heavily Aggregated Texture Coating With Silica Sand, Perlite And Vermiculite. Wall Texture Finishes From Orange peel To Heavy Knockdown, Gypsum Materials, Simulated Acoustic, Stone paint, Deck Coating, Some Cement Base Materials, Monokote Mk-6 Fire Proofing And EIFS Products. * 20 Gallon Anti Spill Hopper (patent pending). * Variable Speed Control Box With Fwd & Rev . * Anti Lock Pump Design (patent pending). * Removable Control Box (patent pending). * Plug To A Regular 15Amp Receptacle. * Will Draw Only 4.2Amp @ Max Load. * Can Use Up to 100 Feet of Material Hose (Determined by viscosity). * Portable & Profitable. * No Viscosity Check Needed. * Able To Spray Heavy Products. * Easy To Assemble or Disassemble. * The Quietest Sprayer Out There. * Washable, Wash-Down Electric Motor. * Heavy Duty Timing Belt Power Transfer. * Performance Like a Big Rig Without The Cost. * Special Base For Gas or Electric Air Power Pack (patent pending). Sprayer Includes: 3/4 Id x 50 x 300 psi Material Hose, 3/8 Id x 50 x 250 psi Air Hose, 50 Electric Control Cord, Trigger Gun With 4 Spray Tips, Removable Control Box. Free Shipping Fine Finish Spray Tip (available)



Fine Finish Spray Assembly $115.00
Honda Gas Compressor $1599.00
Electric Compressor $599.00
Additional 50 FT Hose Set $399.00



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