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Airlessco 0.5 GPM Airless Paint Sprayer Outfit
$ 999.00

Airlessco 0.5 GPM Airless Paint Sprayer Outfit  

#510E Electronic Pressure Control 1/2HP w/gun,hose tip
An attractively priced, highly portable piston pump featuring electronic control for spraying a wide variety of coatings, stains, lacquers and multi- colors at low pressure without fan pulsation. Sprays heavier latex, enamels and alkyds at higher pressure. Industrial grade totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motor for safe operation. Lasts 6 times longer than competitive universal motor units. Patented triple life packing system for longer life with no cylinder or sleeve wear. One-man operation with convenient carry stand. Sprays hard-to-reach places with up to 300' of extension cord or 300' of hose. Siphons out of original paint pail. 25% more output than competing units. Fits into a car trunk. Complete and ready to spray. Two year warranty with one replacement of wear parts. Lifetime warranty for the drive train, electric motor and pump body cylinder. Complete with 50' of 1/4" airless hose, contractor quality gun and Rev (reversible) Tip. 38 lbs. * 0.5 GPM * 0-3000 PSI * Spray Tip .0 19 max * 1/2 HP DC Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Motor allows up to 300' of hose


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