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BladEater Clip-on Holster with Snap-Off Blade Well and free knife
$ 13.99

BladEater Clip-on Holster with Snap-Off Blade Well and free knife  

#DB03 Safe, easy storage for break knife and used blades
INCLUDES: - Clip-on holster - Snap-off blade well - 10 super sharp blades. - breakoff knife The patented BLADEater™ Holster snaps blades fast! It is an innovative way to keep the utility knife organized. Its disposable blade well cartridge has 10 super sharp blades attached in an easily accessible compartment. The blade well/10 blade unit fastens down inside the holster cavity. After the 10 blades have been snapped off into the blade well, the disposable unit may then be removed by the finger-loop, properly disposed of, and replaced with a new cartridge. The blade well is equipped with two separate slots, the first of which is conveniently located on the side whereby the user can guide a knife into the corner slot and break off a blade segment, using only one hand! The break off slot also allows the blade to be snapped off in the correct direction, which is away from the scored side of the blade. The BLADEater’s™ snap-off slot is designed to keep sharp blade segments away from the user's eyes and fingers. Refills are available # DB02


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