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Aircoat Air Assisted Airless Fine Finish Outfit
$ 2099.00

Aircoat Air Assisted Airless Fine Finish Outfit  

0508074 Only Portable Unit on the Market - Free Shipping
The CAPspray AirCoat is the only portable totally self contained Air-Assisted Airless Fine Finishing System. Works out of your container with syphon tube. Includes gun, 50 foot hose and tip. Larger Tires for Easy maneuverability The CAPspray AirCoat uses low fluid pressure combined with low air pressure to deliver ultra fine atomization with high transfer efficiency. The end result is exceptional finish quality. Air Adjustment By utilizing lower fluid pressure and injecting air, the CAPspray AirCoat maintains significantly higher transfer efficiency than traditional airless sprayers without sacrificing application speed. It is an amazing, dedicated finishing tool. Large easy to read gauges and precise fluid control. Specifications: Stainless Steel Fluid Passages, two stage trigger gun, In-line Filter, stainless Fluid Inlet Male Air Inlet Maximum Output . .35 GPM Maximum Fluid PSI . . 2800 Maximum Air PSI . . 35 Fluid & Air Hose . . 50 ft. Maximum Fluid & Air Hose . . 100 ft. Weight . . 56 lbs. Part Number . . 0508074 Free shipping in continnental USA


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